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9885 Brighton rd.
Henderson, CO 80640

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(303) 287-8128
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CEO – Josh Rosenberg josh.r@clearcreekmechanical.com

COO – Froy Olmos f.olmos@clearcreekmechanical.com

CAO – Bernadette Powell b.powell@clearcreekmechanical.com

Sr. Project Manager – Josh Pitel j.pitel@clearcreekmechanical.com

Estimator – Scott Spence s.spence@clearcreekmechanical.com 

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“Clear Creek Mechanical is a true vendor partner for my industrial portfolio. The staff and technicians understand my goals and objectives as a property manager and are always honest and professional. I recommend them to fellow industry professionals as well as tenants for all their HVAC needs.”
– Vanessa Dyer, Property Manager